silk sleep cap for curly hair

What kind of wig cap was it? It does not say which kind. If you have straight hair, you may have never heard of this at all, but trust me when I say that a bonnet really can help maintain healthier, more luscious hair – regardless of what hair type you have. Pinterest and blog posts have long been singing the praises of the magical powers of Vaseline. As a former blog editor of a small publishing company and a book designer of a self-publishing service, she loves working with and meeting writers, fellow solitary souls. I made sure that my hair was neatly combed and starting with my scalp, I used my hands to apply the mask to my hair, working it in all the way down to the ends. Not for me, I always use a 100% silk scarves which are working great for me. Silk is one of the few materials that are both very soft and very strong at the same time.

While the obvious moves (like minimizing hot tool use and using gentle hair ties) may have helped in the past, it’s now time to up the ante. Rinse all product out of your hair one final time. We’re sorry to break it to you, but even when you fully commit to growing out your grays, the look is not nearly as low maintenance as you’d think. This was probably two days too far, but I think I got away with it because of the braids. I’m also quite a private person and didn’t want my head to scream “I’VE GOT CANCER” to those I didn’t want to tell. On days three or four, if I’m starting to get a lot of kinks in my hair, I’ll curl it with a 1-inch curling wand. A lot of women invest some serious money on hair products, especially if they’re not protecting their hair at night. Some people recommend using the mask at night with a plastic shower cap to let the concoction do its magic for 6 – 8 hours.

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I end up having to wear a shower cap to sleep at times. I wear one of those tightly weaved crocheted hats over my bonnets anyway so the oil won’t get on my bedding. Since bonnets don’t absorb hair products like cotton does, you’ll need less product to style your hair. At the beginning of your natural hair journey, this method may come to your attention because you’ve seen results on YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. The products that I used were: Deva Vegan Vitamins Natural Vitamin E capsules, which is made from non-GMO sourced sunflowers, Amara Organics aloe vera gel and of course, good ol’ Vaseline. After I had used up all of the contents of the bowl, I found that I needed, or felt I needed, to use more aloe vera gel and more Vaseline. In a plastic bowl, I combined about 6 heaping spoonfuls of Vaseline, 3 heaping spoonfuls of aloe vera gel.

With wearing the plastic cap all the time, your hair didn’t get overmoisturized? This thread is right on time, now that the weather is cooler I will be wearing more rollersets and want to maintain a blue black color in my hair. Spritz each small section individually with a light mist of heat protectant spray — you don’t want your hair to be soaked, causing it to revert to the curl pattern you just carefully blew out. So I saturated the bonnet in oil (removed the excess) and I am going to test it out tonight. We decided to put this household product to the test for ourselves. I decided to use it during the day and put my slick hair up into a bun for around 4 hours. Mistake: You use purple shampoo every day. When those oily roots threaten to undo your do, spray some dry shampoo and brush it through your hair.

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